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1940'S Singer Featherweight #308  and  308-1/2 Sewing Table Extension.  This is a VERY RARE Singer FEATHERWEIGHT Sewing Table and Extension. The Extension has only two legs and attaches to the side of a Featherweight card Table. Both Featherweight table models, 308 and 312 came with Extensions. The Extensions were models 308 1/2, and 312 1/2. This model is the 308 1/2. I believe that it was made in the 1940s.  The legs are metal and the top is wood . It has the Original Singer Sticker on the bottom of the Extension.  When put together the unit measures 30 in. X 60 in. I have only ever seen one other of these 308 1/2 extensions and it sold on e-bay for close to 800.00 by its self! This Extension comes with it's Original Singer featherweight table what a rare find! If you are a quilter or a serious collector don't let this one get away! It could be years before another set like this comes along!  The insert looks different probably because it was not used very often and didn't get worn like the table itself.  Someone who is good at refinishing could make it all match quite nicely.  

1940 Singer Featherweight Table NO. 308 + 308 1/2 Extension

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