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Belinda - AJ926595 - Manufactured October 26, 1950.  Belinda is a Centennial Model Featherweight with the Blue Ringed Badge that reads 100 Years of Singer Service 1891-1951.  She has the Straight face plate.  She has a nice stitch and good speed.  Decals are nice as well.  She has some imperfections from use as anyone would have after 70 years of service.  Her case is in good condition.  This machine has been cleaned/oiled and lubricated and the oil drip pan has been replaced.   Her stitch is great for quilting.  Overall this is a good machine for the price.  No need to take it to have it serviced after purchasing.

Belinda - AJ926595 - October 26, 2950

SKU: AJ926595
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