Patrice - AH805963 was manufactured on October 1, 1948.  This is a nice machine with a great stitch.  She has good speed.  She comes with the extra feet in a box as shown in the photos.. The decals on this machine are slightly worn but still 90%.  You can see the decals in detail in the fifth photo. As with all machines that are 72 years old, there are a few surface scratches shown in the photos but nothing too remarkable.  This machine has  a new felt drip pad and has been fully serviced.  Her case is in good condition.  For full disclosure, I am showing a photo of the bottom of the case because the fabric was a little loose, so has been glued back in place.  It is otherwise in great shape.  The inside of the case is clean.  This would be a great machine for years to come for a quilter or mask maker and she is anxious to go to her new permanent home.

Patrice - AH805963 October 1, 1948

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