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This Singer Featherweight 222K in very good condition.  The serial number is EJ625209, which means that her original manufacture date was March 31, 1954.  We have named this machine Lydia so that we can refer to her more personally.  Lydia had been fully serviced, cleaned and polished. We have replaced the 220 volt wiring with a 110 volt motor and terminal box so you can plug it in directly and not have to worry about an electrical converter.  The US terminal box makes it so that you can easily swap your foot control with any other featherweight control should you decide you would like to do so for any reason. 

We package the machines very carefully and take every precaution to make sure that the machine will arrive to you in good condition via USPS first class mail.  We do guarantee the machine for 90 days after purchase.  We are always willing to answer questions long after the 90 day warranty.

Included is the original case in good condition, basic attachments and an original book.

Please email us if you have any further questions at info@machinelady.com.

Singer Featherweight Model 222