This machine has been sold!  Stacie, serial number EL184035 - manufactured on March 2, 1957.   Stacie is a model 222 that was imported from England and her power was converted from 220 to 110.  She has a replacement 110 motor, foot control and one of our 152LED light bulbs.  She uses the same foot control as all of the other US featherweight models.  She has been adapted with new bed cushions so she is ready to go dancing with her new shoes.  Stacie has a great stitch.  As with all 222 models, she has the lever to drop the feed dogs and her table comes off to make her a free arm machine. Check her out.  Her book is missing the cover but is otherwise there.  She comes with the attachments shown in the photos.  Her case is in great condition.

Stacie - EL184035 Singer Model 222

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